Winter Is Upon Us

As I mentioned in my last blog (my word! was that just yesterday?), I thought I’d drop some notes about what’s it’s like to live in Tahoe during the winter. Well, winter is here and it’s snowing already! Yesterday, we had the third winter storm of the season – and it’s not even Christmas. Two weeks ago we were skiing at Sierra at Tahoe on Thanksgiving weekend. Today's Friday, and guess what? Screw work, I took the day off and going skiing with the Rhys. OK, so when I say “Screw work”, that’s a little misleading, since I don’t have a job. But, hey! “Screw looking for work”. What a rebel!

I actually snowboarded, instead of skied. I thought it would be more fun since there was powder. I think it’s the first time I’ve snowboarded in four or five years. My back aches tonight. I’m not in my forties anymore, you know! Anyway, it was a pretty cool day, since there was hardly anyone on the slopes and no lift lines.

The boys are actually signed up with a ski program called Rippers at Sierra at Tahoe. Each week, on Thursday, they’ll get to ski with a group of other homeschoolers on the same homeschool program as them. That’s their whole school day. Is that cool, or what? What’s even more cool is that it’s paid for out of their annual education allowance that they receive from the charter school that they’re registered with. Rhys and Dylan were supposed to be skiing with their fellow homeschoolers yesterday, but it was snowing too heavily. Really, there was just too much snow!

So, if you’re thinking about going skiing this year, then consider coming to stay with us in South Lake Tahoe. This is especially directed at you guys back home in the UK! You haven’t been to Tahoe to ski for at least 10 years, so get your skates on J and get over here. Not only did the resorts open earlier this year than they have done for several years, but they’re also expecting El Nino to drop bucket loads of snow starting in January. You can never be sure, but it looks promising.

Anyway, after a day like today, I’m wondering if it’s Nina who should be returning to work, not me.

Coyote photographed from the boy's bedroom

Coyote photographed from the boy's bedroom

I didn’t take any pictures of us skiing, but here’s another one of the coyote outside our house again today :-) Down boy!